Mobile Device Management Software that enables you to secure and manage all the mobile devices.

Remote Deployment

Remotely deploy and remove androids apps and files from a device.

Password Authentication

Enforce password authentication with multiple complex passwords policies

Device Peripheral Control

Allow admin to enable/disable device camera, Wi-Fi, location, Bluetooth, microphone, airplane mode, and other device peripherals

Application Management

Allow admin to block/unblock installations and uninstallations of Android Apps.

Device-Tracking & Security

Allow admin to request user current location and remotely wipe the device in case of lost or stolen.


Enhanced customized OS, introduced as the customization of AOSP with security enhancements, layers, and privacy controls.


Easy way to manage, visualize and prioritize network security alerts. Real-time view of all network connections, system activities, and user interactions.

Flexible Data Collection

Collection of events/logs from diverse data sources for threat detection.

Log Management

Efficient log management to achieve long-term data retention.

File Integrity Monitoring

Monitors file system identifying changes in content, permission, ownership, and attributes of files.

Real-time Alerting and Reporting

Provides real-time analysis to highlight issues for immediate attention by the network administrators.

Threat Intelligence

Secure monitoring by unifying threat intelligence across enterprise network.


Actively detects any malicious activity that is occurring inside the network. It continuously monitors the traffic flow across the network and correspondingly reports events and alerts on a real-time basis in the web-based GUI.

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